Vacation Care

We are available for Vacation Care during school holidays.

If you are organizing Vacation Care for your Council or Primary School and want to try a new activity

that will keep the children occupied and entertained, give us a call.

EmberZone Dodgeball may be exactly what you need.

The games are organized in such a way that all players are actively involved all the time - there is no sitting-out.

It's safe and easy to learn the rules.

Let the children have an active and fun day at your Vacation Care center.




How it's organized:

Two coaches bring the equipment and set up the field. It can be indoor or outdoor.

Children should be divided in two age groups (6-8yo and 9-12yo) of up to 30 children.

One group plays first for 1 hour, and then the next group plays for 1 hour.

Costs: Up to 40 children $320. If 40-60 children expected the cost is $400.