The best game of my childhood was not played in Australia! How come?

Did everybody just forget about this version of dodgeball?
Luckily, I discovered that kids in Europe and Asia still play it – big time.

Kids in Australia deserve this game, too. It’s so much fun!

So here it is, with somewhat different rules and under a brand new name– the sport of


kids play granicari

They call it "Between Two Fires" in some countries.

We used to play it all the time.

EmberZone evolved from a version of dodgeball that is played with only one ball and has different name in different parts of the world:
- Two Fires (or Between Two Fires) in most of Europe,
- Volkerball in Germany
- Sniper (or just “Dodgeball”) in Japan and Hong Kong
- Prison Ball in the USA, etc.

The official sport of Dodgeball is, again, different. It's played with 6 balls, on elimination, and only one raw of players for each team where players have to dodge more than one ball at a time. That makes it a bit chaotic and confusing and that's probably the reason why the official version of dodgeball is not played by young kids so much. EmberZone Dodgeball is more friendly and fun.

    "I created EmberZone to be similar to my childhood game of "Between Two Fires", but more suitable for structured competitions and fitness classes. This new method has now been patented as my innovation by IP Australia."- Marijana Marinic.


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