EmberZone Dodgeball is played with only one ball.

We also call it "Light Dodgball" to differentiate from the official Dodgeball which can be a bit rough.

No elimination of players when hit - points system introduced.
Infield and outfield players swap places often - so there is balanced participation of all players.
No waiting, no pain, no hurt feelings. Just fun, fitness and friendship.

This is a non-contact sport with very low rate of injuries.
Kids love it because it's fun. Parents love it because it's safe and fair game. Exercise is a bonus.

Have you ever had enough of dodgeball?


One ball!

Two teams!

No elimination!

Point system and rotation introduced!

Teams can be either same gender or mixed gender.

No specific skills required - anyone can play.


Please note:

Players may chose to play different version of dodgeball.

Usually boys are the ones that sometimes want to play elimination version.

We can change the game to suit the wishes of the majority of players.


 Method and Rules    new-logo-ez

  1. The field size is about 16x8m and it's divided in two by a centerline. The game is played with one ball.
  2. There are two teams - blue and red. The infield players (both blue and red) are surrounded from 4 sides by the players of the opposing team. They run inside their field, dodging the ball thrown at them by either the infield or outfield players of the opposing team. If the infield players catch the ball they can attack or pass the ball to their team weather they are inside or outside of the field.
  3. When a player is hit by the opposing team he/she goes to the left side line. All outside players rotate by one place so that the outfield player on the right goes back inside. Their team claims the ball.
  4. The objective of the game is to win points by either hitting the opposing infield player, or by catching the ball thrown by an opponent (weather infield or outfield), providing the ball doesn't fall on the ground first.
  5. The winner is the first team that reaches 15 points. (Or if played on time - the team with most points at the end.)
  6. If a ball bounces off a player and a teammate catches the ball, it's a save, it's a point for them.
  7. If the ball bounces of the ground and than hits a player, it's not a point.
  8. If a ball bounces off the outfield players and goes into the opposing field, players in that field can claim the ball.
  9. If the ball bounces off the wall it can be claimed by the outfield players who are next to that wall.
  10. Teams can have unequal number of players.
  11. Enjoy    LogoEZ Dodgeball!!! 

Benefits of  LogoEZ Dodgeball

ez-redThis sport involves a lot of running and can improve cardiovascular health.
Throwing and catching the ball improves hand-eye coordination, as well as strength in shoulders, back, abs and arms.

It all helps building muscular endurance.
The excitement of “running for your life” makes it fun, so the kids don’t even notice that they are exercising.
1 hour sessions include 10mins warm-up, 10mins drills and the rest is just playing EmberZone Dodgeball.

Certified coach/referee supervising the game.


We use soft balls that don’t hurt. We provide knees protection.
Scoring table is clearly visible to all players.
Training bibs in two different colours are provided.
Field markers are clearly visible and there is no tripping hazard.